Confession Corner

I can’t believe I will be running the Chicago Marathon in 7 days!! I am so excited. I know I haven’t been doing the best job at keeping you guys up to date on my training, but believe me it has been happening.

Yesterday Suze and I did your last 10 mile run. It felt so short 😉 It’s funny that when I get down to the last week before a marathon I tend to already start planning my next challenge, well guess what? I am not doing that this time. Instead of setting a goal for a race, I have decided to simmer down a bit and focus on LIFE!!


I thought it would be REAL of me to post some confessions tonight here on the bloggy. No, once again I am not pregnant (Dad just be patient). Please no nasty comments I am just talking straight.

Confession #1: Blogging can be a bit stressful at times. Not in a really bad way, but it can feel like a job (I do get paid) and then it causes me to stress. I used to LOVE to blog all the time and lately I find it to be more of a challenge because all that is going on this season. I know that this is just a phase and I will be back to normal soon, so thank you for still reading and letting me just vent 🙂 I just need to get the spark back again and find the joy in it.

Confession #2: I love running, but I am ready to take a BREAK and focus on Yoga, Cycling and KB. I am a die hard runner, but I need a BREAK!

Confession #3: I need to start spending more time with God. I feel like I have not been able to invest in my quiet time as much as I would like. I know I am feeling this way because I am working on Sunday’s now and because I barely feel like I can stay a float sometimes with all that is going on right now, reunion, Chicago, new job….breathe breathe.

Confession #4: I stopped P90X half way through 🙁 But now that the marathon is almost here I can’t wait to get back. I am not a quitter!

Confession #5: I have been comparing myself to way too many people and I just need to stop! I am  happy to be who I am and I hate that I start thinking otherwise. 

Confession #6: I need REST. Yep, I haven’t been sleeping very well and it is KILLING me.

Wooooo…ok I am glad I got all that out. I just want to be real with you all and show everyone that I am SO NOT PERFECT. Don’t get me wrong I love my life, but I am in major need of “refreshment” time.


Back to regular blogging 😉


I worked all day today and when I got home I found out that our AC is broken, really? Well at least were coming to a cool season. So cooking in a hot house did not sound FUN!

I almost just went out and had Fro-Yo for dinner. Then I got resourceful 😉 We had leftover chicken and staples in the cupboard to make one of our favorite meals, Cold Chicken Satay Noodles. The best thing about this recipe it really only requires you to CHOP and BOIL.

Thank you Rachel Ray 🙂 I only use about 1/2 the peanut oil that she does.


Leftover chicken from last night’s feast.


The ingredients.


Chop Chop Chop!


No heat, No “real” mess, and done in 20 minutes!!! 



This recipe never gets old 🙂


A little more wine from last night.


Perfect dinner for a hot evening, shoot even a cold one 😉


Time to finish TBL, still haven’t caught up from last week.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!

I am working 12 days straight so I can take off 4 days off for Chicago…just pressing on 🙂


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