Guess what I got tonight??? A car 🙂

As you all know my car hasn’t been in the best shape and we have decided after this last fiasco to go ahead and sale it. It’s hard to let it go, but it’s almost 20 years old! A great car, but I am just ready for something a little newer. We didn’t want large payments or any for that matter so we have been waiting for the right time. Waiting and waiting.

So today I found an amazing deal on Craig’s list that was at a dealership not to far away. So we called to see if the deal was for real (I was skeptical) and it was.

Such a blessing! God is so faithful. Not a brand new car, but NEW to me 🙂

Meet my Silver Bullet! AKA Honda Accord.



Buying a car is exhausting off to bed I go…


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