Operation De-Clutter Part I

Well hello there 😉

Sorry I have been away all day, I was too busy being PRODUCTIVE!!! I managed to sneak in some cereal for breakfast and leftovers for lunch, but didn’t stop until around 6pm.

I have fallen in love with Kath’s Home Neat Home series and decided to do some de-clutter action around my kitchen 🙂 I consider myself a pretty clean person, but somehow I still have so much STUFF (well we do) and we don’t even have KIDS!

Since we moved into our house 3 years ago, I don’t think we have ever really organized the whole kitchen, even though it’s where I we spend most of my time. So I decided today was the day. I do love to decorate and de-clutter as I feel they kind of go hand and hand 🙂 So won’t you join me?

Here are some of my other favorite de-clutter makeovers:

Hubby’s Office


The Laundry/Catch All Room


A Peaceful Workspace


Our Whatever Board 


Our Patio Makeover (still in progress) We are planting new grass and really want to put a deck down.


Like this one 🙂

Also in Progress:

**Our Fire Side Room ( re-doing the fireplace)

**Guest Bedroom (who knows when this will happen)

**Garage (coming soon!)

**Front Porch (later down the road)

So today I kicked our kitchen in the BUTT!

Drawer #1 Utensils/Before:


Drawer #1 After: I got rid of a lot of duplicate utensils and used some of these lovely grey baskets from Bed Bath and Beyond.


Drawer #2: Our Spices/Before. What can I say I love to season 😉


Drawer #2: After.


Drawer #3 Before/Used to be for Ziploc bags, foil, and all baking liners.


Now it is condensed and added with the dish towel drawer.


I turned drawer #3 into a Tupperware drawer instead 🙂


To the right is where the Tupperware used to be. I got rid of the top shelf and now have storage room for my Juicer and mixing bowls. I really want to start juicing again and now having my juicer in a cupboard that is more assessable I think I will 🙂

IMG_5768 IMG_5763

Another cupboard in our kitchen is the baking/oatmeal topping cupboard. Once again a lot duplicates and things I just plane needed to get rid of! I moved all the baking items to the pantry and made this cupboard a new storage for my blogging plates and bowls and the bottom shelf has all my oatmeal toppings. I placed all my oatmeal toppings on a lovely little swivel tray so nothing gets forgotten 🙂

IMG_5764 IMG_5765

I love our pantry!! It is organized chaos promise 🙂


All baking ingredients.


Cereals, pancake mixes, and granola.


Bulk items.


Coffee, tea, running fuel, protein powders, grains, and sweets 🙂


I tried to organize our under the sink cupboard as much as I could, but there is still a few things I need to condense.


Everyday pots and pans. I am going to buy new cupboard liners tomorrow, these ones have seen better days.


Occasional items, toaster, Crockpot, griddle, casserole dishes, fajita skillets. 


I even cleaned out our trash storage underneath our island sink. We have two trash cans, one for trash and one for recycle. I store all extra paper and plastic bags down there too.


After I organized the kitchen I cleaned the rest of the house and then went to Kettle Bells. Today starts my second week of my Kettle Bell Challenge! Tonight felt great. I feel like I am getting the form down more and more as I practice, not to mention I sure work up a sweat!


Dinner tonight came from an old recipe I made once. I didn’t have all the same ingredients on hand so I improvised.

I give you Agave Dijon Peanut Crusted Chicken.


1lb Chicken Cutlets

1 cup Panko Crumbs

1/3 cup Peanuts

2 tbsp Agave Nectar

2 tbsp of Dijon Mustard


Mix together 2 tbsp Agave or Honey and 2 tbsp Honey Dijon Dressing or Dijon Mustard. In a food processor pulse up 1/3 cup dry roasted peanuts and then add together with 1 cup Panko crumbs.  Now set up your dipping station 🙂


Dip 1lb of chicken cutlets into the wet mixture and then smother in the peanut and crumb mixture. Coat baking tray with not stick cooking spray and bake for 8 minutes at 500 degrees.


They came out beautifully! Hubby even loved them 🙂


I enjoyed mine with a small sweet potato and steamed parmesan broccoli.


While Hubby and I played Jeopardy on the Wii we enjoyed some dessert! I am not normally a big dessert fan, but when I saw my favorite ice-cream on SALE and a lighter version I just had to cave in!


Thank goodness for portion controle bowls 🙂


I still have this drawer to tackle then I will show you the whole kitchen!


Tomorrow morning I am getting up early to finish a couple more chores (mop and wash my car) and then I get to PLAY. So who knows when I’ll get to blog ;)  I am also going to meet with my friend Tiff to go over our Daily Bible Reading 🙂 Love the accountability!

Next on the de-clutter list is the GARAGE!!! (I will wait for Hubby to tackle this one with me 😉 )

Question: Do you have certain room in your house that you would love to de-clutter??


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