Today’s heritage class at work was very interesting. It was neat to hear how Forest Home came to be and it made me proud to be a part of something that has such amazing core values 🙂

photo (75)

We also got almost 8 inches of SNOW!

photo (72)

So of course I was sipping on some hot coco all day 🙂

photo (73)

When I got home Hubby surprised me and made DINNER!!!! Hubby can totally cook, I just love doing it so much that he never really gets a chance.


He made us all one of my faves, Cold Chicken Satay Noodles. He is a great chef!


This pic was before I added some cilantro, scallions and carrots (forgot to take a pic after).


I had some more of my Cupcake Merlot, totally in love with this wine 😉



Tonight we discovered Bosco loves CARROTS nam nam…he takes after his mom 😉


IMG_7175 IMG_7176

For dessert I enjoyed two GS Thin Mints. I really wanted Fro-Yo, but didn’t want to leave the house 🙁


Tomorrow I am waking up early for my first long run of my marathon training. I am shooting for 12 miles!! I hope I look as happy as the picture below.

Picture 162

Time to crawl into bed and work on a little blogging fun and catch up on my Google reader!!!

image image

Night folks!


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