Pillow Shopping

WOW I can’t believe the morning is gone and it’s almost 3pm!!! This day had just flown by. This morning after Kickboxing I went on a hunt to find Hubby and I new pillows. I can not remember the last time I bought a new pillow, I am not sure I even have 🙂

Before I took off for the adventure I grabbed a Chunky Strawberry Smoothie from Jamba Juice. I think my home-made version is just as good!

photo (22) 

I never knew that pillow shopping would be so difficult!!! At least there was a sale.

photo (15)

Look at all the different choices. The only thing I knew we wanted was firm for the Mr. and mild firm for Me.

photo (18) photo (19) photo (20)

While I was shopping I also found some other fun things 🙂 The dress was only $10!!! I got it but the DREAM machine on the right I am just giving someone a big “hint hint”.

photo (16) photo (21)

I also got these Silicone muffin cookware for only $1.97!!!!


When I got home Hubby showed me some pics he took this morning of our backyard!


When I walked in Hubby and the Boys were watching Basketball and eating Pizza. I enjoyed two very delicious pieces of pizzas with them and now were all with our laptops on our laps and watching Grey’s Anatomy.



The rest of the evening is filled with babysitting the nieces, can’t wait! 

Question: How long do you keep your pillow for, 1,2, 5 years???