Recovery Week & New Goals

Two days after the marathon, hobbling and all I am already thinking about what’s next!

How long do I have to recover???

I need to come up with some goals and plans for the fall season before I start training for Boston. I know that I want to do some local races in the next three months, and a couple tris. I have them down but I also want to get my body in great shape. I want to build some leaner muscle before I start training, so that I am stronger and lighter.

I am excited about getting into the gym a little more now that the race is over.

Some Goals

>I have a sculpt class I usually go to at least twice a week that I need to start committing too. It might be a little tough with my schedule, but as long as I am doing some type of weights three times a week I think I will be good.

>I am also planning on getting on my bike more. I have a sprint tri coming up in two weeks and I want to be prepared for those massive hills.

>Yoga is also on my priority list.

So with all this said, I need to start jotting down a schedule otherwise I will never stick to anything. I am helping a friend of mine who just had a baby train for a half marathon, do any of you have a plan you recommend? She use to run before she had the baby but now is wanting to get back into it. Hope you all have a fabulous MONDAY, remember its a FRESH and NEW start, make it a good one!


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