Sushi and Pancakes

Last night we left dinner up to Urbanspoon, one of our favorite Apps.


We had to return a few things at the mall so we headed out to Rancho Cucamonga (isn’t that a funny name). We decided on Sushi, Hubby was trying to get there following directions off of his phone….


I think you should hand over the phone Hubby, your driving!!!


Let’s just text Josh and see if he knows a good Sushi Restaurant, Josh came to the rescue.


While we waited to be seated we walked around Urban Outfitters. We really just looked at the books. I am not a huge fan of the store, but the books are fun.





Little couch


Sushi time. We have heard Kabuki is one of the top sushi restaurants around.


The atmosphere was very chill and inviting.


It was really busy! To be expected on a Friday night.


I wanted a booth so it took us a little longer to get seated. I love booths! Are you a booth or table kind of person???


When we finally sat down I had a glass of red to kick off the night :) 


I ordered the Spicy Tuna Roll and the Philadelphia Roll.

DSC01656 DSC01657

I wasn’t too impressed, I think I should have went with one of their specialty rolls. It was still good, but nothing special.


After dinner we returned Hubby’s board shorts at the Quiksilver Outlet and I walked away with three pairs of Roxy Athletic Shorts, Roxy two cool max tanks, and a sports bra for only $20!! They were closing so I only had a minute to really look, I am tempted to go back 😉

When we got home we rented UP and only made it about half way through the movie and then passed OUT! It had been a long week and our bodies wanted to sleep!

This morning I woke up at 7am, even though I could have slept in. I decided since I was up early I would make pancakes. I don’t remember the last time I had pancakes? I’ll have to check the blog. I busted out my favorite Oatmeal and Banana Pancake Recipe.



Best mixture EVER!!! Just a tbsp of each in the microwave for 30 seconds. 


I topped my three silver dollar pancakes with the AB mixture and a little Greek Yogurt. On the side I had two pieces of turkey bacon.  


Iced Coffee 🙂


These pancakes are so filling, I only had two.


It’s going to be a HOT day today!


I am off to Hot Yoga and then hanging out with a friend at the POOL!!!



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  1. Un Vallegos Avatar
    Un Vallegos

    I went here with me and my few boys. my bartender.. i cant remember her name was wild and made good shots. me and my boys had fun and they played decent music, im going back saturday.