You Can’t Win Them All

Today I felt so BLAH! I ate way to much CRAP. What I mean by crap is SWEETS and REFINED CARBS and I am paying for it now. I just couldn’t say no to chocolate (someone must be visiting soon 😉 ) Instead of wallowing in my tummy ache, I have decided to drink lots of water and shake it off 😉 I will start fresh again tomorrow, thank God for new beginnings.

On a side note I did get a major sweaty KB session in in the 105 degree weather. 10 minutes into the workout I could barely see out of my eyes, the sweat was pouring down my entire body!!! Not sure what was up with the weather today…let’s hope for some fresh air tomorrow.

Tonight Hub’s and I had our Thursday Night Group over for games. I ran home straight from KB and didn’t manage to eat dinner. Which left me with eating nothing but kettle corn and fruit. (I know could be worse)



Plus lots of strawberry lemonade (Crystal Light).


The “Band”






We busted out the board games and decided to try out Picturika!

IMG_0783 IMG_0785

The game reminded me of Memory or Where’s Waldo. It was a lot of fun 🙂


Love the pictures, they made me laugh..he he…


Just finished my bowl of Puffins and now I am running to bed to read some more Eat Pray Love and get to bed by 10pm.

Friday FRUN RUN 🙂 Looking forward to not having plans tomorrow night or SATURDAY!! What is a girl to do?!!! I foresee pizza, wine, running, yoga, long bike rides, and pool time!!

P.S. My BF’s due date is tomorrow…I am so anxious to be an aunt again!


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