The Hubby Report – 6% Completed

Hubby here.

So I’m here to give an update on how this 100 Day Challenge of Real Food is going for me… while I think I am going to make boyfriends/husbands across the blogsphere upset with me because I have made it this far, I am going to try and update y’all on all of my thoughts on this challenge so far.

Q: So, how do you feel after 6 days? See any difference?
A: I don’t know if I truly feel any different today than I did before I started this challenge. I really wasn’t planning on feeling any different even though Bobs told me I would have more energy. But all that being said, I did notice that on Day 2 and 3, I was hurting for energy.

As you may or may not know, we started this challenge in Las Vegas (crazy), then Day 2 I was home, then Day 3-5 I was away from Bobs at the Catalyst West Conference with lots of snacks, peanut butter sandwiches and regret of starting this challenge in the middle of a crazy week. Anyhow, on Day 2, which was my only full day on a regular/normal schedule, I went and played basketball in the morning before work and I could easily tell that on Day 1 I did not consume enough calories because I felt so weak at the end of basketball and throughout the day at work. I could of fallen asleep at my desk at 2:00pm.

Also, with Day 3-5, I really didn’t feel like I was getting enough calories because all I had was low-cal snack foods and I didn’t really leave the conference until the end to get some sort of hearty meal. So as far as I feel, I will reserve a better answer next week with a whole week of learning more about what I can eat, how much my body needs and a regular schedule.

And do I see a difference so far? I will make that a two-part answer.
1) As far as my body is concerned – I haven’t been this regular since that time I drank a whole bottle of Dulcolax (just kidding), but I haven’t had this much fruit in a course of 6 days as I have in this challenge. Also, I have lost 3.2 lbs, but this is actually normal for me. I can swing 5lbs lost or gained in a couple of days, so again, I will have to reserve a better answer for next week.

2) As far as actually “seeing” a difference in my lifestyle, $#% YES! I have trained my body so well that when presented with sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and/or artificial flavored items that I wouldn’t blink an eye and would eat it. I really didn’t care about all of the fats, carbs, etc. that was in that item… I just wanted it! So case in point… At this conference, we had outdoor booths. As I was walking around, I saw a huge mob at this one booth so of course I wanted to see what the big deal was about. After a few seconds of people going to this booth and leaving it, I spotted the reason… about 8 boxes of 48-count donuts… DONUTS!!! I took 2 steps towards the booth and then BOOM! I remembered that it was not on my list of approved foods. But it was the fact that when I saw the donuts, I didn’t think about how bad it was, I just reacted. That’s been so hard!!!

Then at this conference, they gave us all some Pixie-Sticks and packets of Pop Rocks… seriously! You’re killin’ me smalls!

Of course everyone at work knows that I’m on this diet (as I call it, because IT IS a change in my eating lifestyle) and it is funny because some of them act as if I am recovering from some kind of sickness and be like “Oh yeah, you can’t have this… I can go over there and eat this.” It kind of reminds me of a stand-up routine by Jim Gaffigan HERE (start it at about 1:00 minute into). People (including myself) are not use to seeing me eating such healthy food while also being an incredibly picky eater.

I went out one night of the conference with some co-workers who order these big huge meals and I got egg-drop soup and brown rice. And this scenario reminds me of THIS VIDEO. So, long story short… YES, I have seen a difference in my behavior on this challenge.

Q: What have you had during these last 6 days?
A: I have had about $100 in Fruit Leather (not really that much, but you get the idea), peanut butter sandwiches, chips, brown rice, chicken with WW noodles, lots of raisin & nuts grab-bags, up to my eyeballs in apple juice / grape juice / tangerine juice, egg-drop soup, water, some Larabars, WW pretzels, cheese, strawberries & pineapples, homemade tacos, Vit-A-Mix bars, Chipotle chicken and chicken with pineapple via CP.

Q: What would you change on this challenge?
A: Having sugar, Crystal-Light, White Bread, Butterfingers and fast-food burgers.

Q: No REALLY, what would you change on this challenge?
A: A judge. I feel like I am always calling Bobs on “Is this is good for the challenge?” Also, I would claim that evaporated cane juice could be on this challenge because I would then be able to eat a lot of cereals found at TJs, Whole Foods, etc. And last, I would say that Crystal Light is not a food therefore, wouldn’t be included in this challenge.

Q: What do you plan on getting from this challenge?
A: Headaches, night-sweats & nightmares, depression, anxiety, heart-aches, hallucination, memory loss, constipation, hair loss, irregular heartbeat, memory loss, uncontrolled bouts of crying, drooling, attitude & severe attitude, memory loss, menstrual pain, trouble walking and memory loss… Or did I already say that?!?!

Q: …
A: OK fine. I plan on challenging myself to actually do a challenge that is incredibly hard. I guess I will probably have some weight loss from this. I guess my blood test would be better than last year. However, I didn’t really care about those as much. I don’t know if I am going to increase my energy levels or if I will go back to eating the way I used to. I know for sure that I will get back on Crystal Light because I drink 19 gallons a day and water just doesn’t do it for me. Why drink something that tastes like cardboard when I can get something that tastes like a slice of Heaven?!?

Anyhow, that’s my update for now. Check out my journey on my new blog, I won’t be updating everyday, but who cares, I ask me the questions you know you want to ask me and so I answer the questions that I know you want to ask me but haven’t yet 🙂


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