Morning lovelies!

Last nights’ KB class was so much fun! I busted out some new ab moves and major lunges we really worked hard!!

Aren’t these pictures fun! I need to get this App on my iPhone. My friend Ash came to my class last night and we had a little photo session after 😉

photo (96) photo (97)



Mixed it up al little this morning and made an Egg Sammie.


Bagel Thin, Avocado, Spinach, Tomato and Skinny Cow Cheese.


Plus fresh Vitamin C!


A delightful breakfast.  


Last night before I went to bed I received a disturbing email 🙁 One of our runners for our Ragnar Relay is having some health issues and is going to have to back out! The race is in less then two weeks (April 23-24th) and we have to have 12 runners!!!

I put a shout out on Facebook and Twitter and now I am asking all of you. Anyone interested in running with 12 AMAZING people for the Ragnar Relay, Santa Barbara to San Diego????

Question: Do you check your email before you go to bed?

I have decided that maybe I shouldn’t! I was up all last night worrying about finding someone.


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